We're experts in hiring for the media industry, through years of industry knowledge and time-honed expertise. Our team is able to source elevated talent by utilizing an unparalleled first-party network to discover the person behind the resume.

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You need to hire fast, and we're here to make that a reality for our clients. In fact, our average time to place a candidate in a new organization is 4 weeks from start to finish. Curious how we can move so quickly?


Media Operators

With an audience of over 13,000 operators from all areas of media, we have access to a wider pool of active and passive candidates than the competition. These candidates are some of the best in the industry and they understand the unique perspectives that come with a career in digital media.


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Never stress about not being able to fill the role again. We're so confident in our ability to find the right candidate for you that we'll even guarantee it. That's right, we'll find you the perfect person for whatever you're hiring for or your money back.



Our track record of getting candidates placed quickly doesn't happen by accident. We commit to initiating introductions within 7 days, and we don't rest until you have the position filled with the right person. By building real and honest connections with our talent collective, we're able to move faster than ever before.

Our Clients Love What We Do

The HireFor team were consummate professionals in helping us orchestrate a process that led to a great outcome and one that didn’t eat up a ton of our team’s time. They were incredibly responsive and did a great job of weighing our interests as a company while treating candidates with respect and dignity. Top notch service and we can’t wait to work with them again.
Patrick Trousdale
CEO, Daily Upside
As a growth stage company, every hire is a critical one, and when it came to hiring a salesperson we trusted HireFor to lead our search. From the beginning, [the team] took the time to truly understand our company culture and our unique needs as a small team that is growing quickly.
James Kozack
Sales Manager, Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life
Working with [HireFor] has been an absolute delight throughout the process of finding a remarkable Head of Social Media for our company. The expertise, dedication, and keen eye for talent brought us an exceptional professional who has infused our social media presence with a new level of energy and excellence.
Genevieve Roch-Decter
CEO, Grit Capital
Working with HireFor has been exactly what we hoped for and more. State Affairs has a unique set of needs when it comes to operators and journalists. The team has been able to help us hire for both. If you’re a media company looking to scale your team, this is the agency to help you do it.
Evan Burns
CEO, State Affairs
I wanted to make sure we found the "right" person, and the HireFor team delivered multiple high quality candidates who were passive in their job search. They provided guidance throughout the process and made sure the candidates had a great experience
Scott Owens
CEO, DoStuff Media

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We know a thing or two about the digital media landscape, and it shows. The HiredFor's Talent Collective is an in-house database of both active and passive candidates in the media industry, sourced directly from highly engaged audiences with whom we have a direct connection, allowing us to find your perfect hire in weeks, not months.
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